Yournalist Case Study

The problem

You constantly want to receive the latest news which interests¬†you. In this day & age of excessive news outlets, that’s not an easy feat. You receive news from radio, television, newspapers, thousands of websites and news apps. The rise and rise of social media in the last decade hasn’t made this any easier.

What is Yournalist?


Yournalist is the answer to this problem. A personalized newspaper that constantly looks for news that is relevant to your interests. From now on When it’s released, you won’t have to miss a thing. Yournalist keeps you in the loop.


When I came to LinkU¬†in february of 2009, a version of Yournalist had already been designed and built. However, Yournalist needed to be updated to include a lot more features. At the time, there was only a desktop (web) app, since mobiles and tablets weren’t as evolved as they are now.

Fast forward a few years, Yournalist has undergone dozens of iterations, and has ended up as shown below. A sleek app that isn’t bloated with features (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Mobile first

I went with a mobile first approach for the Yournalist apps. The upside to using this approach as opposed to desktop first is you are less likely to run into problems with features. If you design for desktop first, there’s a much higher chance of features not fitting or not working on mobile devices. Mobile first will ensure at least the bare essentials are featured in all versions of the app.

Yournalist Mobile Spotlight
Yournalist Mobile Overzicht
Yournalist Mobile Sidebar
Yournalist Mobile Artikel


The next step after designing the mobile version of Yournalist was designing the tablet version. I focused on making sure I kept the design consistent with the mobile version, but creating a unique experience for the tablet. Especially the article overview is different from the tablet version. There is obviously much more screen real estate to display content. The app is designed to use a Masonry-like grid, determining for itself which articles to grant more space and which less.

Yournalist Tablet Homepage
Yournalist Tablet Article


The final step of designing Yournalist was to design the desktop version. I wanted to stray away from the typical news layouts of old with way too many columns and cluttered pages. The desktop version is very similar to the tablet version. It uses a sidebar as its main navigation that is only expanded when the user clicks the hamburger icon, thus ensuring the content gets the maximum amount of focus at all times.

Yournalist Desktop Article