Sophie & James

About this design

Sophie & James is a new start-up that focuses entirely on fashion and making sure you find the brick and mortar shops that suit you most. By using their web and/or native apps, you can get your fashion fix. Input which city you’ll be shopping in, which style(s) you like, what type of clothing you want to buy and even which brands you’re searching for. When you find shops that match your criteria, you can add them to an automated walking route. Open the app on your phone and open the route and you’re off!

The web app mostly uses a single column grid to display the content, sans the results page. This ensures the (advertisement) wallpaper behind the content gets maximum exposure.

The mobile app features a very easy to use navigation of just 2 arrows. It also uses the same grid layout as the web app. This way we can maintain an optimum level of consistency across platforms.

The app hasn’t launched just yet, but if you’d like more information, please visit the url below.

Sophie and James