About this design

JEE-O is a Dutch lifestyle label for minimalistically designed products. All product lines are characterized by its robust and powerful design, always distinctive in simplicity. A look that speaks for itself.

The current JEE-O site just isn’t up to par in my opinion. It was built for a 1024×768 resolution, and doesn’t even use vertical page scrolling. The design itself is very much outdated and doesn’t suit the brand at all.

My redesign features some awesome photographs of the JEE-O products with a very focused design. The user is immediately drawn to the primary call-to-action; viewing their collection. As JEE-O themselves do not have a webshop, there is no option to buy products directly. The redesign does the brand much more justice. It shows the stylish and minimalistic properties of the products in a clean way.

Unfortunately, this design too has gone unused. We couldn’t quite work it out with the company.

JEE-O homepage screenshot