Centrum Nijmegen

About this design

Centrum Nijmegen is an organization that strives to be the go-to website for people when they want to know which shops, bars, museums and other events are in the city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The previous website lacked on design and usability fronts, LinkU was therefore chosen to completely redesign and rebuild the website.

The creative brief for the new website was to attract new and existing visitors to the city of Nijmegen, via the website. And to make this happen we were to design an attractive website that displays (among other things) important events and shops in a clean, beautiful and usable way.

For the design of this website I partnered up with my colleague at Linku, Arthur Baron. I mainly designed the desktop experience, while Arthur focused on creating the best possible experience on and for mobile devices. We set out to create a website that feels more open than the previous, while maintaining the branding of Centrum Nijmegen. The website uses a lot of light colours to give a modern look-and-feel and is focused around the 6 main focal points in the center of Nijmegen, shopping, restaurants, going out, theaters & museums, hotels and other services.

Centrum Nijmegen homepage screenshot