About me

Dennis-Flinsenberg2Hello, my name is Dennis Flinsenberg. I’m a 30 year old UI designer currently residing in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

I started building my own websites in the early 2000s using Microsoft FrontPage (heh) and Photoshop. After creating some websites, I kind of lost interest in webdesign and started exploring other realms of design. For a while I really got into 3D modeling and also motion graphics. I used Maxon’s Cinema4D for the 3D stuff and Adobe After Effects for motion graphics.

In february of 2006 I enrolled in the HAN University of Applied Sciences, to study Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD). Here is where is managed to combine my love for (web)design, 3D and animation. I followed courses on all three subjects. In my first internship during CMD I was a 3D modeler at a local company. My main focus was creating the Valkhofpark and its buildings (current and historic), but I also worked on tons of other projects, creating various models and animations.

My graduation internship was at MediaMonks. Here I focused on motion graphics, by combining After Effects and Cinema4D to do so. I worked on tons of cool stuff for clients like TomTom, McDonald’s, House of Anubis and Postcode Loterij.

After getting my degree in ICT, I started working as UI designer at LinkU Internet Media in February of 2010. I worked there for 5 years, focusing on UI design, and abit of animation on the side. Having an animation background really helped me in creating next level websites. In April of 2015 I moved to another company, Iquality Business Solutions. Here I focus on UX and UI design.

I strive to create the most beautiful AND most usable user interfaces within the set parameters of a project. I’m always open to take on projects. If you’d like to get in contact with me, you can use the contact form or shoot me a message on Twitter.


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UX/UI Designer

On April 1st (no, this is not a joke) I started working at Iquality Business Solutions in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. My main focus is UX and UI design.

April 2015 – Present

LinkU Internet Media logo

LinkU Internet Media

User Interface Designer

From early 2010 until present I am mainly focused on user interface design. Designing everything from huge (web) apps to webshops to “plain” websites. I also dabble in animation and graphic design here and there.

Febryary 2010 – March 2015


Motion Designer (graduation internship)

MediaMonks logoIn 2009, I had the pleasure of doing my graduation internship at the awesome MediaMonks. During the internship I focused on 3D modeling/animation and After Effects animation. At MediaMonks I worked for brands such as TomTom, McDonald’s, House of Anubis and Postcode Loterij.

February – July 2009


3D modeler and animator (internship)

Image-InMy first internship while at university was in 2008, at Image-In. During the internship I was tasked with re-creating the Valkhofpark and all of its buildings (current and historic) in my hometown of Nijmegen, The Netherlands in 3D.

February – August 2008


Communication and Multimedia Design

HAN University of Applied Sciences

HANStudy to become an all-round designer at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem, The Netherlands. I mainly focused on user interface design and animation. I completed the program in 3,5 years (as opposed to 4). Official title is Bachelor of ICT.

February 2006 – June 2009

IT System Administration

Gilde Opleidingen MBO (levels 3 & 4)

Gilde OpleidingenStudy to become an IT systems administrator at Gilde Opleidingen in Venray, The Netherlands. Also completed this program in 3,5 years, with 2 diplomas (levels 3 and 4).

September 2002 – January 2006